The brutal truth.

“Willpower is limited. Simply trying harder doesn’t work. Unless you are open to the idea of someone helping you better identify any obstacles and gaps that might be currently holding you back you’ll remain stuck”

Why Work With Me?

Big Business

My background is in corporate sales and marketing. I have worked with international companies such as Nokia, Apple, Canon, Vodafone and Renault just to name a few. Now I don't mention these companies to impress you, but to impress upon the importance of expert advice.


As a former national marketing manger for a leading ad agency I have overseen and delivered multi-million dollar marketing strategies, campaigns and marketing communications for international brands. I have implemented and executed the launch of dozens of products and services across a variety of different business sectors.

Sales Trainer

Over the years as a sales trainer I have literally trained hundreds of sales professionals. I have recruited, trained and placed sales managers, sales consultants and brand ambassadors for international brands. Creating entire sales programs to build a more motivated, professional and profitable sales force.  

Business Coach

While I have enjoyed my share of success in the corporate realm, today my true passion is helping small business owners. I have worked with people from all industries types from professional services like accountants and lawyers to tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians who have successfully implemented my strategies with amazing results. Whether you’ve been in business for thirty years or one, I can help you.