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“But now it’s time to make the changes that lead to a better business, more money and more life”

What’s included in this program?

As a business grows, the rewards increase, but so do the risks. The stresses and strains in a business are different during the growth stage than they are during the foundational stage; however, successful, long-term growth is dependent on both a solid foundation of systems and a commitment to constantly improve those systems to adapt to the business you want to grow into.

Leadership for growth

Develop into the leader your business truly needs. Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your employees, and your organisation in order to develop into the type of leader capable of facilitating dynamic growth.

Growth Focused Management

Systematize your team’s progress. Take the next step in your management development. Create the systems necessary to expand your team in accordance with your vision, beliefs, and standards.

Growth-Driven Finance

Money management for growth. Whatever growth means to you—more revenue, increased profit, or additional locations—putting in place the tools necessary to manage your money towards your goals.

Marketing for Growth

Enhance your marketing strategy in order to achieve meaningful growth. Assess the market for growth potential and adapt your approach accordingly.

Customer Fulfillment for Growth

Scale your customer experience. Growth generates additional customers, which means you must grow your Customer Fulfillment System in order to continue providing the same level of service.

Growth-Driven Lead Conversion

Identify further conversion opportunities. Increase the capacity of your Sales Process by implementing Customer Re-conversion and Referral Systems.

Lead Generation for Growth

Increase your reach. Increase the quality of your Lead Generation initiatives and attract more of the right customers.

You’ll walk away with…

  • Energy, Vision and Focus for your business
  • Experience an incredible rate of professional and personal growth
  • Achieve your Key Objectives faster and more effectively
  • Deliver consistently impressive results under pressure
  • Explore and resolve your biggest business challenges on a weekly basis
  • Keep your mind sharp and your emotions balanced
  • Have a unbiased sounding board with whom you can explore anything without being judged

Invest in yourself and your business

  • A time investment of  10 – 15 Hours (per week) is required for this program and will need to be applied towards the implementation of the agreed strategies and tactics
  • $2497 per calendar month  (no lock in contracts)
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Business Coach

Asher was recommended to me from a close friend of mine and I’ve been using him for my advertising, Facebook and all my marketing and I highly recommend him, he’s absolutely wonderful!

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