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“Get ahead in the game at a much faster pace than you have ever anticipated”

Who Is This Program For?

The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Coaching Program provides business owners with a strategic sales and marketing road-map to quickly gain a competitive advantage and to close sales with clockwork consistency, and drive real growth in their business. It’s for business owners who want to understand what their business needs, how it’s done and how it’s implemented. If you are looking to…

  • Rapidly grow your business
  • Go after more exciting opportunities
  • Generate valuable leads
  • See your sales skyrocket
  • Make more money
  • Be seen as a guru in your industry

…but feel you can’t because you’re already overworked and stressed out, then this program is definitely for you. With the ultimate sales and marketing coaching success program, the powerhouse, successful business you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach.

What You’ll Learn

This amazing program was specifically designed to provide business owners with the ultimate tools, resources and support you need to accomplish your goals. Each month you’ll work closely with your coach to not only learn the strategies, but together you will actually implement them into your business step by step.

Here’s what’s included…

  • 4 hours a month (for 6 months) of premium bespoke one-on-one coaching
  • Learn how to turn a website into your greatest profit centre in a few steps
  • Learn how to SEO like the experts to ensure you rank in page one of Google
  • Learn how to create a professional Social media presence that attracts buyers
  • Learn about online marketing tools that will have your competitors beat
  • Learn how to create professional ads for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to build your professional profile and to generate a stream of clients
  • Learn why traditional marketing still matters and how to harness it’s power
  • Learn how to write copy that sells: the step-by-step system for more sales, to more customers, more often
  • Don’t let the lack of a CRM hold your sales team back‎ – Learn to setup with clients, email marketing and invoicing
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive sales system that instantly will boost your sales
  • Learn the power of using DISC profiling sales and team building
  • Create a USP with a clear message to set your business apart
  • And so much more!

With this comprehensive program, we’ve left nothing out. This truly is your ULTIMATE sales and marketing coaching program in Sydney.

Business Coach

Asher was recommended to me from a close friend of mine and I’ve been using him for my advertising, Facebook and all my marketing and I highly recommend him, he’s absolutely wonderful!

Sales and Marketing coaching Program v2

What You’ll End Up With

You can have the best sale and marketing plan, all written out and ready to go, but if you don’t have the time or the manpower to implement it…well, you might as well have no plan at all. Sometimes you get started, full of hope and excitement, but the first emergency, holiday, or busy period throws your momentum off and you’re no longer focusing on the sales and marketing. Where traditional business coaching programs stop short of providing valuable done-for-you marketing, the ultimate sales and marketing program has everything you need included.

You’ll walk away with the following professionally designed:

  • Finished kit of sales-centric marketing designed to generate all the leads your business can handle.
  • Cutting edge fully responsive website that’s capable of providing your customers with a seamless web browsing experience
  • Brand and logo design or revamp to inspire a strong, recognisable image that customers trust and consistently builds the value of your business
  • Establish a strong, consistent brand identity across all your social media with professional banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Google+ Business Pages and YouTube brand channel
  • Business cards that inform and target your audience and generate more leads
  • Stunning sales brochures/flyers that continue selling long after you’ve left
  • Presentation folder to showcase your services and make a great first impression

You’ll also walk away with the following tools and professional services:

  • SEO – Race to the top of Google rankings and crush your competitors to generate more leads, sales and profits
  • Disc Profile – Walk away knowing more about yourself and sales team and how customers think with a personality (DISC) profile test
  • CRM System – Effortlessly simplify the sales process, nurture your leads into paying customers and build long term relationships
  • Branding Video – Including a professional presenter to increase website traffic and conversion,  generate more leads and produce more sales for your business
  • Video Testimonials – Professionally edited and branded
  • Custom Video Intro – To put the finishing touch on all your business videos
  • Scripts, emails and other tools for outbound and inbound sales, referral system and strategic partnerships.
  • And so much more!

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