Myths vs Facts

“My sales manager was once great salesman, so they must be good at training”

Here’s What You’ll Learn

How To Identify The Problems You Solve: And Talk About Them

Throw away the traditional sales approach of a canned pitch and attempt at close. Learn two simple principles that will transform your generic pitches into problem solving conversations. Learn the right way to follow up after you've sent out information. Learn how set appointments the proven and tested way that eliminates drop-offs. Learn how to treat incoming calls and "warm" leads and how to regain focus during calls.

Redefining Resistance: How To Handle Objections

Traditional sales approaches teach us to "overcome"objections.  There are only two kinds of "objections" you'll ever experience. One is for "what" you are selling and the other is to "how" you are selling. Learn what objections really mean and how to distinguish between genuine concerns and resistance. Learn how to stop the fight or flight reaction so many sales people encounter.

What To Do When Potential Clients Stop Returning Your Calls

More business is lost every day due to sales people not following up correctly or not following up at all. Learn what causes so many sales people to become hesitant when it comes to the all important follow up. One of the most critical stages in the sales process is when "interested" potential customers stop answering or returning calls and simply disappear. Learn the number one reason potential clients begin evading and avoiding us. Learn what to say when following up to instantly jump start the sales process again.

Why cold calling is so Frustrating

When done right cold calling can be the most cost effective money earner there is! Yet so many times it's the most abused and hated by both salespeople and potential customers alike. Learn how to stop triggering suspicion and rejection. Understand how to diffuse pressure throughout the conversation and enjoy cold calling again.

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